The Big Deal with Big Dog Motorcycles
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The Big Deal with Big Dog Motorcycles

Founded in 1994 Big Dog Motorcycles is the known American manufacturer of mid-priced semi-custom motorcycles. Based in Wichita, Kansas, the company made its 20,000th motorcycle in 2006, a long way from the single motorcycle the company had produced during its first year.

Since after its 2 million dollar gross in sales in 1997, the company has expanded and now has over 300 employees and over 100 associated dealers, and operates on a 175,000 square foot factory.

The big deal with Big Dog Motorcycles comes in the form of the five popular models manufactured by Big Dog Motorcycles. There’s the K-9, the Chopper, the Bulldog, the Mastiff and the Pitbull. Big Dog Motorcycles utilize a 117 cubic inch V-twin engine for their motorcycle products. Boasting a chopper or cruiser style of motorcycles, Big Dog Motorcycles’ list of top five models fit well into this category, as their bikes extensively use chromed components and really fat tires, especially the rear tires.

The rear tires’ respective width sizes are among the major differences between Big Dog Motorcycles, which range from 250mm rear tires to 300mm, as well as the front tire’s tube length.

The major customization point of Big Dog Motorcycles primarily includes the visual aspect of Big Dog Motorcycles, which with over 60 graphic and paint options, customers are bound to find the ideal paint/graphic job they want on their Big Dog Motorcycles. Accessories like exhausts, handle grips, storage bags, custom seats and windshields also come in a wide variety, and could be painted over to compliment the look a customer would want to holster on his/her motorcycle.

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The K-9 is predicted to be the top selling model of Big Dog Motorcycles. With its 9 foot length, it truly is a big dog among Big Dog Motorcycles, and would definitely turn heads the moment one would pass by. The motorcycle weighs about 690 lbs, with its rear tire at a 300mm width. Its brake mechanism is made up of two-piece floating rotors and a four-piston billet calipers, which is quite reliable, an overall attribute of the K-9 line of motorcycles.

Big Dog Motorcycles’ K-9 features an A-frame swingarm suspension system, assuring a comfortable riding experience for drivers, as the bike represents Big Dog Motorcycles’ commitment to produce award winning motorcycles, which are visually impressive, as well as rider impressive too.

If choppers are your thing, you may want to check out Big Dog Motorcycles. If it isn’t, once you’d get to see a Big Dog, you’d most definitely want to get one for yourself.