Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars | Car of the Year 2011
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars | Car of the Year 2011

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car

Regardless of whether we like it or not the fact is that the price of running a normal combustion engine in a vehicle is actually soaring faster than anyone might have predicted. The costs of gas and oil seem to be rising on a weekly basis, and it has now spiralled so high that the authorities have had to bring in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car faster than they probably would have liked.
The Hydrogen Fuel Cell car is a fantastic accomplishment and something which should stand the test of time, as opposed to other beta products which have come into production only to vanish a several years later. At this time concept is limited so the new cars that are coming are limited to around a journey of a hundred miles or one hundred sixty kilometres before they need a top up. This is not just a simple matter of popping into a fuel station though, as the top up is either from a fuel cell or electric.

So now Authorities all over European countries have to get their own act together and spend money on services that will set up these electric power points in service stations throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. This is likely to take some time. In britain it has already rolled out the fabrication that will expand little by little over the subsequent five years. This can be a restricting element, as people will not buy into a scheme in which they have a automobile that is limited in the range it could possibly travel. I for one would like to buy into engineering which will take me clear of increasing Oil and Petrol costs and on to something that I control more myself.

Then again I would look at buying my hydrogen fuel cell car in the uk and taking it to Switzerland. There lies the problem. I would not even get from my home to Dover. So without any network in order to refill the automobiles currently in place sales of the hydrogen cell cars will probably be limited to those who think they merely travel local distances.

So as beneficial as the recent crop of Fuel Cell Cars may be, they have a limited appeal. The obvious option right now in time would be to go for a “Green” vehicle. The top choice for me would be the Volkswagen range of “Blue Motion” Cars. They give you a lot of bang for their buck.

The Car of the Year for 2011 is a Fuel Cell Cars – The Nissan Leaf. Take a look at it at the link here.