Environmentally Friendly Scoooters
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Environmentally Friendly Scoooters

The use of large gas guzzling cars in the United States has caused an increasingly negative effect on the environment and a dependence of foreign oil. As of 2007 the United States was the top consumer of oil, using 20,680,000 barrels of oil per day. That was more than twice the amount that the number two consumer. One thing that other countries have done to keep that number low was to use public transportation, carpools, and more efficient modes of transportation. While not all of these options are available to the population, one way people can reduce their carbon footprint is to use rides like motorized scooters to get around town.

Scooters can get up to 100 miles per gallon as opposed to an SUV’s 8 miles per gallon. This is a major difference in fuel usage which will help lower dependence on foreign fuel, and it will also help the environment. They emit less than one tenth of the toxic emissions that cars do and are a good way to enjoy the air when you are running errands.

Because they use so much gas they are an excellent way for people to save money. They are inexpensive and can pay for themselves within a couple months. Another good thing is that, if properly taken care of, they can last just as long as a car so you won’t have to replace them all the time. Many scooter dealers offer a yearlong warranty so if something is wrong with the scooter you will have enough time to have it replaced. There are a number of scooter designs which allows everyone to pick a scooter that meets their needs and style.

How HID Motorcycle Lights can Improve Your Bike

If you ride a motorcycle, and you have a hard time seeing the road during the evening or night hours, HID motorcycle lights can help you as well, as they light up the entire road much brighter than halogen bulbs do.

For many years, people who wanted to ride motorcycles had to do so, quite literally, in the dark. There was no way for those who were riding motorcycles to truly light up the road, which meant that the only time that you could ride your cycle safely was during daylight hours.
Headlights were eventually created, and now you can find people out riding during all hours of the day or night, and in a variety of different types of weather situations as well. The next phase in motorcycle evolution is not flying motorcycles, but HID motorcycle lights. HID motorcycle lights are replacement headlights designed for a variety of different bike types. They’re created using Xenon gas, a choice that much brighter than halogen bulbs, which means that you get over three times the amount of light when you’re using HID motorcycle lights than when you go with the stock headlight that comes with your cycle.

One of the many reasons why anyone who rides a bike should contemplate getting HID motorcycle lights is because of the safety factor. Anyone who rides motorcycles knows that it can be dangerous, especially when you’re riding at night and oncoming cars have a difficult time seeing your single headlight. With HID motorcycle lights, however, you can have the bright light that you need in order to make sure that people see you. When you’re riding down the road, a bright white, almost blue light is far easier to notice than more traditional choices.