Hybrid Cars- Looking Forward To Cars with a 250 MPG Fuel Advantage
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Hybrid Cars- Looking Forward To Cars with a 250 MPG Fuel Advantage

Advantage of a Hybrid Car
We are consuming our fossil fuels at such as rate that soon we would be in a position when we will ruin out of our energy resources. The biggest consumer of oil is the conventional car. The internal combustion engine of conventional cart is not energy efficient and can be termed as an oil guzzler. The excessive fuel consumption not only hits the pocket of the users but also disturb the ecological balance by emission of harmful gases.

The common solution for both the problems is a hybrid car. The hybrid car is an automobile that uses a normal gasoline engine in combination with electrical motor powered by batteries. A hybrid car has gasoline engine, an electric motor and a battery with a flywheel or a capacitor. The batteries are charged by using the energy released during braking and deceleration of the car. The power is shared between the gasoline engine and the electric motor as per requirement. This makes the car more fuel-efficient reducing the overall cost of fuel and brings down pollution.

New Technology Helps Hybrid Car to be Better than Conventional Car

However, the automakers believe that much needs to be done in hybrid cars research and the future of automobiles belongs to the hybrid cars with 250 MPG fuel efficiency. How is it possible to have a hybrid car with 250 MPG fuel mileage when the existing Toyota and Honda hybrid cars are still to achieve 40 to 50 miles per gallon?

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Automakers believe it can be done. Since the transfer of power alternates between the gasoline engine and the electric motor as per requirement, the flywheel or the capacitor adds to the acceleration of car and absorbs the power when brakes are applied which otherwise gets wasted thus generating and storing power. The arrangement also helps in reducing the number of batteries and their weight. The overall weight of the car also reduces making it more fuel-efficient. The dependency on gasoline engines in the future can be further reduced by replacing the gasoline engine with more efficient hydrogen fuel engine.

Concessions by the Federal Government

Hybrid cars are more costly than the conventional cars, but then this is to be expected with the new technology and less production. However, the positive aspect is that the Federal Government and some State Governments are encouraging buyers to buy hybrid cars by offering tax concessions if they buy a hybrid car. The amount of tax concession depends upon your income in the year you file your income tax return. The cost of the car will also depend upon the cost of the gasoline prices at the time of purchase. The advantage of a hybrid car with 250 MPG mileage is difficult to ignore.