A Blast from the Past on the Speedway
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A Blast from the Past on the Speedway

For 50 years, NASCAR has dominated the speedway and has produced legendary legends. Each driver’s accomplishments have been documented on film and make a remarkable historic picture of the good and bad times on the speedway. The best NASCAR drivers have proved their worth both on long and short tracks as well as on duels to the checkered flag. Most of these drivers had a record success spanning more than 5 years and in many cases, over a decade. Of course we cannot fail to mention legends who opened up the speedway arena like Fred Lorenzen and Glenn ‘Fireball’ Roberts who are true legends. It took Fred Lorenzen just 6 years to become a NASCAR legend by winning all five of the original super speedways in the 1960s. He set new standards, new driver earnings and successive victories in this period before retiring at the age of 32.

Richard Petty dominated the 80s with his Daytona 500 winnings and made himself ‘The King’ with 200 career wins. He started setting records at the age of 21. While Lorenzen and Fireball Roberts seemed to be big tracks dominants of their time, Richard Petty was the super speedway champion. Hi career as one of top NASCAR drivers span decades. Dale Earnhardt, Sr. also called the “Man in Black” arrived on the speedway in the 1980’s and 90’s. He seldom made a mistake on the racetrack and is indeed one of the best NASCAR drivers of his time. A teammate of Richard Petty, Jim Paschal had 25 career wins and this is well attested by his superb driving ability.

Rusty Wallace, still racing in his forties has become one of the drivers today who have reached legendary status. His driving savvy over his long career continues to put him ahead on the tracks and made him and Jeff Gordon racing legendary icons. Bobby Isaac is another of top NASCAR drivers. He won 37 short track races and super speedways. He is best known for starting last at the Daytona Firecracker 400 . . . and winning! Terry Labonte ‘the Iceman’ had consistent and durable Winston Cup winnings in different decades and could trade paint with any NASCAR’s top best and come on top. More recently however, the likes of Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have dominated the scene and proved they are worth having their names as NASCAR driver legends. What a blast from the past on the Speedway!!

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